The Art of Marketing Nature & Culture

Jekyll Island is a unique destination marketing spot on the coast of Georgia. Had the thrill of working alongside everyone from alligator researchers to golf pros. With an annual budget of just under $1 million, we advertised in print, on the web and even created our own proprietary print pieces and microsite thanks to my ability to thrive in all silos.

Brand Steward

Managed, created and supplied brand safeguards that were upheld by more than 20 departments – from an alligator scientist to golf pros. Created style guide used by all to help in the efforts.

Oversaw all digital marketing initiatives be it email blasts, facebook management or google analytics. Supplied executive briefs to director, board and all hotel or amenity stakeholders.

Responsible for all marketing of the island, represented on an executive level the marketing team when updating hotel and department stakeholders.

Using brand standards and tone-of-voice per redesign, created all things print and digital and environmental … and even some surprises here and there.

The Many Roles:
  • Print and Digital Designer
  • Project Manager
  • Website Designer, Manager and Marketer
  • Email Marketer and Designer
  • Photographer
  • Videographer and Producer
  • Copy Editor
  • Website Optimizer and Host Manager
  • Stakeholder Liason


Those who I was responsible for and steer to brand standards include:
  • Golf and Tennis Professionals
  • Leading Sea Turtle Researchers
  • Water Park Managers
  • Convention and Meetings Staff
  • Sales Directors
  • Hotel Stakeholders
  • Event Managers
  • Alligator and Snake Researchers
Integrated Project Scopes:
  • Designed more than 100 brochures, posters, executive reports and other print collateral annually
  • Managed more than 100K print materials warehoused internally
  • Proposed, conceptualized and managed frontend of massive redesign of website
  • Edited, selected. content and designed monthly newsletter
  • Responsible for server migration and liaison with host. Saved $12,000 annually
  • Point-of-content for hoteliers seeking insights from marketing initiatives
  • Instrumental in event planning and supplying resources
  • Produced and output regional television commercials
  • Worked in tandem with director of sales on countless power point presentations

Making History by Changing

Tasked with, conceptualized, designed and galvanized support for the branding of a potentially polarizing effort to rebrand the main artery of the Jekyll Island history department and its revenue source. Gone was the concentration towards a sliver of the island’s high-heeled history for a deeper understanding of the island through ions of history that proves all-encompassing. Designed a modern yet brand-loyal sub-entity underneath the main Jekyll Island mark but built for modern, touchscreen applications and interactive kiosks. Edited and honed tone of voice and equipped staff with materials when headed to large endowments for the big ask.

Don't Go it Alone

There's Power in Numbers

A Brand Apart

The Westin Brand is iconic, not only amongst its vertical hotel set, but transcends industries. So, to be entrusted with the highest of brand standards was a task down to the pica. Deliverables included a gatefold brochure, magazine ads and a new one on me, a hoarder (signage that runs seamless across an area. I even designed the inside of their five elevators.